The Marion Dönhoff Salon on the first floor is dedicated to Countess Marion von Dönhoff and supervised by the correspondent Renate Marsch-Potocka.


This museum of memorabilia (photos, recordings, books) honours the great German journalist, editor-in-chief of the weekly newspaper Die Zeit, as well as the former owners of Sztynort – the Lehndorffs. In season German and other tourist groups come for a tour around the Salon during which Mrs. Renate tells the story of the countess.


The Salon, however, is not a museum. It is a place for meetings, readings and discussions. The Salon was officially opened for guests on May 13, 2007.


It also serves as a conference hall.

The keys to the Salon are at the bar which also functions as a reception.

At the Hunter’s Mansion we can organize meetings of various types. We have the technical facilities necessary to provide an elegant dinner by candlelight as well as a multimedia conference. Teambuilding activities are organized in collaboration with the Ferenstein Stud, the Perkun company (rafting on the Krutynia river, pole-propelled boats) and the Wodniak company (kayaking).