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From 1420 until 1944, the history of Sztynort is inseparable from the Lehndorff family, related to the Dönhoff family. There, on the land that belonged to them, once stood the Hunter's Mansion (German: Jägerhof). Years of war, destruction and negligence had left the place in ruins. In 2004 Alexander Potocki, with the consent of the local authorities and the conservator-restorer, moved the mansion to Gałkowo in Puszcza Piska. The entire building was recreated from the remnants as it originally looked like, which resulted in a place with a unique atmosphere. Decorated with simplicity, the interior is furnished with rustic furniture, artworks and family photos.


The Mansion, opened for guests since 2007, now accommodates a restaurant on the ground floor, the Marion Dönhoff Salon and a movie screening room on the first floor.

XX century


year 2004


year 2014


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