Our menu is updated every Friday, and we also see to it that extra cards with thematic treats are included on a regular basis.


In summer we mark every weekend with an additional specialty menu based on seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Traditional Gałkowo specialties, however, stay the same.​


Welcome to our restaurant - we have no doubt everyone will find something to their taste here.


from 9:00 to 12:00


cornflakes 7zł

granola with fruit 11zł

porridge with honey or with apple and cinnamon 11zł

3.2% milk / cow yogurt soy milk / almond milk / lactose-free milk / goat yogurt + 5zł



scrambled eggs 11zł

scrambled eggs with ham or bacon13zł

scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes and spring onions13zł



2 pcs fried eggs 9zł

fried eggs with bacon11zł

fried eggs with ham 11zł


pancakes with confiture 15zł

pancake with ham, cheese, chives and tomato 16zł

pancakes with cottage cheese and seasonal fruit16zł

omelette with banana 11zł

omelette with cherry tomatoes, spinach and goat cheese 17zł

omelette with sun-dried tomatoes, arugula and Parmesan cheese 18zł

drop scones with apple and powdered sugar 16zł


home-made yeast cake, natural cottage cheese, seasonal fruit, confiture 23zł

cheese, ham, cottage cheese with radish and chives, tomato, and cucumber 20zł

home-marinated salmon, avocado paste, 2 poached eggs , arugula, and cherry tomatoes 30zł


tomatoes with onions 7zł

natural cottage cheese 10zł

cheese and tomato toasts 11zł

cottage cheese with radish and chives 12zł

veal sausages - 4 pcs 13zł

Freshly squeezed fruit/vegetable juices

orange, apple, carrot, grapefruit, lemon

Main menu

from 12:00*


goose lard with pickled cucumbers 16zł

pate of chicken livers with cranberries 18zł

sun-dried tomato tartare, Parmesan cheese and kalamata olives 19zł

pike perch in vinegar 25zł

herring in linseed oil served with potato salad 21zł

breaded calamari rings with garlic-yoghurt sauce 26zł

beef filet tartar 40zł




salad with cherry tomatoes, avocado, red onion, spinach, arugula, lamb's lettuce and honey-mustard sauce 22zł

with an add-on to choose from:

  • grilled chicken breast 30zł

  • halloumi cheese with chilli 36zł

  • marinated salmon 36zł

salad with roasted pumpkin, walnuts and blue cheese 32zł

spinach, arugula, lamb's lettuce with chicken liver 32zł

salad with Masurian goat feta 32zł


tomato soup “by Mrs. Alina” with rice or noodles 14zł

chicken broth with noodles 15zł

beetroot soup 17zł





dumplings and noodles

dumplings stuffed with potatoes and cottage cheese 26zł

penne with roasted pumpkin and sun-dried tomatoes 27zł dumplings with goose meat 29zł

“Pielmieni” stuffed with lamb (small round dumplings) 30zł

Red pepper.png
Red pepper.png

main meals

black pudding pan-fried with onions,

apple and marjoram 19zł


potato pancakes with marinated salmon and goat cheese 30zł

“Łupki-chrupki”® - chicken breast strips in cornflake batter served with fries 31zł

beetroot curry with rice 34zł

pig’s neck in Masurian style served with

cabbage salad and potatoes 38zł

giant schnitzel (pork in breadcrumbs) served withcabbage salad and potatoes 37zł

grilled lamb sausage with garlic sauce, grilled red pepper and fries 42zł

m inced mutton shish-kebab with rice and garlic-yoghurt sauce 42zł

beef strogons with homemade potato dumplings 48zł

sirloin steak with fries and mixed salad 49zł

roasted duck served with baked apple, cranberries and beets 49zł

zander with mushroom sauce cabbage salad and potatoes 49zł


goat yoghurt with lilac flower or strawberry mousse 15zł

mascarpone with blueberry mousse, fruits and grated chocolate 16zł

drop scones with apple and powdered sugar 16zł

home-made yeast cake with butter and confiture 16zł cake with plums 17zł ice cream dessert 18zł

Red pepper.png

*Some dishes from the main menu, e.g. sweet pancakes, are available at breakfast as well - please ask the waiter for the details.


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