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Salon of Marion Dönhoff

The literary salon of Marion Dönhoff has been set up in the historical manor house of the game warden, coming from the Sztynort wealth, being a residence of the counts Lehndorff. The intricately decorated wooden house from comes form the beginning of the XIX century. Alexander Potocki transferred the building, which was destroyed by war and additionally weathered by time, to Gałkowo in the middle of the Piska Forest. The building was finally restored in 2007.

In the salon, souvenirs, photographs, recordings and books make it possible to recall the great German journalist – the Countess Marion Donhoff, chief editor of the weekly “Die Zeit”, and also of former Sztynort owners – the Lehndorffs.

However “the salon” isn’t a museum. It is a place for the reading, meetings, readings and discussions. The room officially was opened for guests on the 13-th of May 2007.

Realizacja: JACKVISION