Mazurskie biegówki


Three guest houses host together ten double/triple bed-rooms with bathrooms, two semi-apartments, a suite with two bed-rooms and a small family-room. All our buildings are derived from old Masurian houses, therefore the rooms naturally differ in style and size.

Dom_chataThe design of the first building – “the White House”, is based on a forester’s lodge from the Pisz National Park and contains four bedrooms with bathrooms on the ground level.  All the rooms look out at the meadows, forest and an old picturesque cemetery.

The second building –Stodola_chata „The Old Barn“ with its characteristic Prussian brick-wooden wall contains six double bed-rooms and a suite.  The interior design reflects the old Masurian style, atmosphere and countryside simplicity. On demand we can arrange single or double beds, as well as cribs for the little guests.


„The Cottage “ – the third building, is of wooden construction.  Two semi-apartments are located on the first floor, each containing two well sized bedrooms with a large bathroom.

The rooms are located a distance of 150 meters from the restaurant.

Located out of the complex of buildings, just across from the restaurant is a small free standing house with a quaintly fenced garden. The house is historical, as it was one of the first houses built in Gałkowo over a hundred years ago. The inside consists of two bedrooms, one large and combined with living room, heated by an original tiled stove. The kitchen welcomes  guests with a working wood stove, and is also equipped with a refrigerator and sink. The bathroom is comfortable.

Rustic styling and the climate and simplicity of the village is apparent in the interiors of all four buildings.

Single or double beds are arranged in rooms according to the needs of guests. We also have children’s cots for our youngest guests.
Internet access (wireless wi-fi) is available in all rooms and common areas.

Please note that we use eco-friendly toilet paper, because we love and we respect our Masurian forests.

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